Steven Padgen L.M.T has been an entrepreneur and small business owner for thirty years. Starting his first business in the early eighties; a successful lease and finance company. Steven became involved with investments and the stock market, promoting small startup companies. In 1987, after the market drastically fell; Steven still in his twenties took a year off to assess the direction his life was headed. Steven became involved in a local version of L.G.A.T. " Large Group Awareness Training", (active in the United States since the sixties). After spending three years in the trainings as a participant and trained as a facilitator, the trainings left Utah. Steven was not willing to leave Salt Lake, and on the suggestion of a friend; interviewed with Norman Cohn the founder of the Utah College of Massage Therapy. After meeting with Norman, Steven enrolled into the program and became friends with Norman. With Steven's entrepreneur experience he had acquired, he began assisting Norm in the professional development course. After graduating, Steven became a teacher assistant, and with many hours of practice and study became an instructor. At that time, the school was experiencing incredible growth. Steven taught and developed core curriculum for Professional and Business Development, Massage I and II, Deep-Tissue Bodywork, and Advanced Structural Bodywork. Much of what is still being used today at the Utah College of Massage therapy. He was the co-creator and head instructor for the Structural Integration program. Steven has continued his study of Structural Integration; receiving his advanced training from Emmett Hutchins; one of the last of the original Ida Rolf teachers. He has also completed the seven levels of Hugh Milne’s Visionary Craniosacral system, and has assisted Hugh in multiple trainings.

After many years at the College, Steven left in pursuit of his own vision, and founded the Padgen Institute of Healing Arts. A school for those who want to deepen their skills and knowledge of Structural Bodywork, Structural Integration, and Craniosacral Therapy.

Steven maintains a private cliental practicing Structural Bodywork, Structural Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, and Biodynamic Breathwork.

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