Steven Padgen serving the community for 19 years, practicing the art and science of:

  • The Rolf system of Structural Integration
  • The Padgen Method of Structural Bodywork
  • Visionary approach to Craniosacral Therapy
  • Biodynamic Breathwork

Private sessions and consultations available 801-355-1983

The Mission of the Institute is:  to relieve pain and restore well-being; to establish patterns that support health and longevity, to explore and support human potential and the evolution towards a fully conscious being, to educate and inform the public of the benefits of bodywork and related therapies.

The Padgen Institute of Healing Arts Advanced School of

Structural Functional Bodywork

Offers You A 256 hour Eleven Week
Structural Integration Intensive

Professional Clinic and Business Building Support

Three Day Workshops
Structural Functional Bodywork Series

Taught By Master Bodyworker Steven Padgen

Integrating The Art and Science of  Structural Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, Movement Education, Holistic Health and Healing

If You are Committed To Be The Best You Can Be, This Is The Program That Will Support You

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